Broker Sponsorship

be your own brokerOnce you start at one of the other apartment locating firms you quickly realize that you hit your head on the ceiling as you entered the door. The broker-agent business structure has been in place for decades, and there is not much room for middle management. That means you are either a broker or an agent, and the income is incredibly different for a few reasons.

  • First of all as an agent you only make money on the transactions you work. Which means you will only make more money if you produce more transactions.
  • You can make a decent percentage on a self generated lead, but you are still limited by the number of transactions you can produce.
  • Most larger brokerages leave very little room to produce your own leads for "self-generated" business.
  • As a broker your income can be through your own transactions with no split, and through the agents you have working for you, which means your income is not capped.

A sponsored agent has the benefits of a broker without the overhead and responsibility!!!