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    Rebate Terms and Conditions

    Rebate Terms and Conditions

    All customers who requesting a rebate must complete this rebate request form.
    a. All rebates are subject to the commission Spirit Real Estate Group is receiving from the property.
    b. Rebate amounts are a portion of the commission received from the property, and that portion is set by the the Spirit agent that assisted you. If you are not sure of the rebate amount, please contact your Spirit agent.
    c. Should the property pay a reduced commission, then a reduced incentive will be provided.
    d. "Spirit" must be listed on the guest card and application as your referral source.
    e. The property referred to you by Spirit and has agreed to pay our invoice.
    f. Rebates are sent once payment has been received from the property, typically 4 to 8 weeks after move in, depending on the property's invoice processing time.
    g. Electronic Payment options: Zelle, Venmo, Paypal, Amazon Gift Card.
    h. You agree to hold Spirit Real Estate Group and its agent harmless if the address you provide is incorrect and the rebate is sent to another party.